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Bamboo Support Line

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Bamboo Support Line

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Hey bamboo lovers!

I've been thinking for quite a while for a way for people to support me and my work more directly without havin' to buy 30$+ worth of assets/avatars each time. 
Some people have expressed the want to support me more passively.
I think this is the easiest way.

I wanna keep things just very simple and streamlined. No 30000 rewards for 56 tiers.

These monthly tiers is just that. Just a way to support me.
This support will allow me to keep working and keep providing free updates for any old and new assets/avatars that I release!

|| It will allow me to buy material and other things to enable me to keep improving.
|| It will enable me focus more time on providing educational content for you guys.

Please do NOT pay monthly for any of these tiers if you are expecting special gifts/rewards or if you can't afford it. Specially if you can't afford it!! 

This is literally just for supporting me!

Discord: Bamboo Life
Twitter: PandaabearA
Youtube: Pandaabear

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